Easiest way to build CMS by just providing printed graphql schema.


npm i -S graphql-auto-generating-cms
import GraphqlCMS from 'graphql-auto-generating-cms';
import 'graphql-auto-generating-cms/lib/styles.css';

And to head of your template add:

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

Stop wasting your time on building or integrating CMS with your application.

GraphQL CMS allow you to save a lot of time to work on more important things like business logic or application architecture.

All you have to do just provide your existed printed schema and you are good to go.

Module will automatically build CMS for you by using all essences from your GraphQL API.

Just build your GraphQL API and module will dynamically keep CMS updated!

Project philosophy is simplicity, and minimum requirements. We provide only solution for most common cases, and we don't want to complicate your project. You can always extend CMS with custom components for any possible cases!

For the same reason we don't provide authentication. It's just a simple React component to automatically generate CMS so you can use any approach you want to make your application and API secure.

We recommend FeathersJS.

And how to use FeathersJS with GraphQL API.

The main advantages:

  • dynamic auto CMS generation
  • no code or architecture changes required
  • easy to integrate with existed project

Lets see how it works. Get Started

P.S. star project on GitHub to be up to date

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